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Eli Jones


Columbia Gorge

About Me

Writing, Making, Playing, Doing. This is the web site of Eli Jones, father, writer, blogger.


Short Fiction

Credits, links and other information about my fiction work will be here. I don't talk about works in progress, but I do have some shorter pieces and flash fiction on Errant Jones.


This site right here. Homepage and portal for all my other websites; it’s just flat easier to track this way. Built with Hugo, deployed on Netlify.
Errant Jones
My daily blog, focusing on writing, self-improvement, human interest (at least of interest to me). Also the host of my Writing Tracker, where the public can see just how many rejections I’ve received for writing. Also using Hugo and Netlify.
Cascadia Station
Pen and Paper Gaming website. A collection of helpful links, files, and System Resource Documents (SRDs) for popular role-playing games. Built with Hugo, deployed on Netlify.


Basic Humanity
Fiction Writing, Blogging
TV/VCR Repair


  • Role Playing Games
  • Wargames
  • Cooking
  • Wallking