Eli Jones, a name that resonates with the essence of heartfelt melodies and soul-stirring lyrics, is the artistic alter ego of the accomplished singer-songwriter Kris Ratiau. 
With a trailblazing career spanning over decades, Eli Jones has rekindled the flame of his musical origins, embarking on a new chapter that brings him back to his roots. A song like “Short People ” with the band Broncko found his way to the radiostations.
Eli entered the studio to record the electrifying anthem “Took Me So Long,” with Mario Goossens from Triggerfinger.
Accompanied by Herre Cambré (Arno), Bart Buls (Vive la Fete), and the virtuosic Bart Van Huyck (Leki) on guitar, Eli Jones’ live performances are poised to be a testament to his unwavering dedication to the craft.
The stage is set for a triumphant return, a revival of the raw & unfiltered energy.