I’m A Very Good Listener

Since the middle of 2017 I’ve listened to around 150 audiobooks. I think. My records are spotty.

An unscientific check shows the average length is around 16 hours and 34 minutes. There’s some much shorter books–The War of Art is a quick listen at 2 hours 29 minutes–and some much longer books–Castles of Steel and The Pursuit of Power both clock in at just over 40 hours each.

Most of the time I can comfortably listen at 1.5x speed to nearly 2x speed, depending on the content–fiction listens faster than non-fiction, with exceptions–and narrator–North American accents listen faster, again with exceptions. There’s the odd book I need to crank down to 1.4x or even 1.25x but I can’t remember ever listening to a book at normal speed. I can’t remember listening to podcasts at normal speed, to be honest.

There’s 30 audiobooks just in my Audible library that I haven’t listened to, although a couple I’ve finished via OverDrive and liked so much I spend hard earned money on…well, hell, do I own it? Is this one of those “you own the license only to play the media in its current form” type deals? Maybe audiobooks aren’t so great.