Two Weeks Off

Every year for the past 6 years, I’ve taken the last 2 weeks off of work. We don’t travel during the holidays or host fancy parties, so it’s not because I’m busy during this time. It’s exactly because I’m not busy. All my projects at work are wrapped up and/or handed off to my coworkers if there’s any issues while I’m gone. I take a break from gaming, from undertaking massive household projects, from anything that’s not set to recharge my batteries.

Press Start

Up and down blogging is my own web-version of Japan's Lost Decade. And just like the Lost Decade, it lasted much longer than 10 mere years.


Motivation doesn't come to me with actions. I'm motivated to stop taking an action, stop a habit, to not do.

Blown Away

Where I destroy the evidence.

Code Dabbler

Some time ago I had an idea to learn front end web development, as a career move.