Free Flash Fiction Friday: Handshake

Requesting docking from a registered station was lengthy, and boring. ID handshake and telemetry verification, rocket drones for assisted docking, queues determined from the moment of system entry. It was a fixed routine, and it worked. Docking at a free can also was a routine, and worked, and contained enough edge of danger to make it exciting. The risk was taken on solely by the docking ship, of course. No station master risked anything more than they had to, and with low incoming traffic and high counts of layered defense, it was standing orders to slag first and never question.

Free Flash Fiction Friday: Technology Cycles

Why bother with that? Technology’s always moving, but like cyclical. They started out, way back, with big specialized machines, truck units, right? You’d have to connect to them with these little consoles, they couldn’t do anything, it was all the big machine. Rent time on the box to do your work. Then they got smaller boxes that could do everything, so they didn’t need to rent time on the big machines anymore.

Scrivener: Why?

Don’t knock on my door with your tracts and hard-sells. I don’t need to hear the good news of Scrivener.


Why not have another tool in the box, an trick arrow in the quiver?

Writing Begets Writing

In sitting down this week to write a Space Opera-y short story, I started generating a lot more non-fiction than fiction.

On Looking to the Past

My heart belongs to rockets and starships and thousands of worlds and tramp freighters and mighty fleets.


Son of a bitch; just keep writing!

Rituals Through Rejection

Writing. Publishing. Doing it all over again, one step after another. Refining my craft through practice and ritual.

Pay Yourself

My completion record at work is exemplary, because there is money involved. I’m paid to care. Now it’s time to start paying myself.