I Hate Scrivener

Like iTunes, Scrivener is a application tailor-made for MacOS. The developers are Mac users, the main user base are Mac users, it’s All Mac All The Time over there. And like iTunes, the Windows version of the application is buggy, neglected, and left to rot on the vine. You wouldn’t know this from their website, which proclaims the future reign of Scrivener 3 for windows as the second coming of, well, Scrivener. But again, the developers are Mac users. They aren’t Windows users, they don’t like Windows (based on forum posts and comments) and development for Windows is at best a part-time effort.

Look, software design is difficult work. There’s plenty of unknown issues that can crop up. Maybe it’s time for Literature and Latte, the company behind Scrivener, to just drop Windows support. There’s plenty of writing apps that have done that. Ulysses has always been Mac only since day one. Vellum, same story. And they’ve done it before, relegating the second-class citizens of Linux to thrash about in the shadows with ancient code.

Eli Jones
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