Last Day

No reason to treat employees terrible on their last day, man.

After six and a half years at a community health agency, today is my last day. It hasn’t been an enjoyable final two weeks; the moment I gave notice I had projects shit-canned, was thrown under the bus in meetings, and given 8 hours to train staff for them to train my replacement, whenever they are hired. Oh, and fighting over my final paycheck. You know, legal stuff.

Quite the shitshow.

But, up to the end, I’m running reports, troubleshooting database errors, and attempting to do my job.

The new job, starting later this month, is more focused on data analyzation and business intelligence, rather than that being a tacked-on duty to my DBA role. At this point, I could use a decent, wanted change. The year’s been full of unwanted “opportunities” enough as it is.