Two Weeks Off

Every year for the past 6 years, I’ve taken the last 2 weeks off of work. We don’t travel during the holidays or host fancy parties, so it’s not because I’m busy during this time. It’s exactly because I’m not busy. All my projects at work are wrapped up and/or handed off to my coworkers if there’s any issues while I’m gone. I take a break from gaming, from undertaking massive household projects, from anything that’s not set to recharge my batteries.

I Still Use Scrivener

Yes, just yesterday I ranted about hating Scrivener, and hating the Scrivener 3 Windows beta. But I still use the damn thing, for two purposes. Short Story Backup I write in Word. I write directly into a template for Standard Manuscript format, so I don’t have to change anything before sending it out, after I proofread. But I import the story once it’s done into a Scrivener project, as a second backup* of the file.

I Hate Scrivener

Like iTunes, Scrivener is a application tailor-made for MacOS. The developers are Mac users, the main user base are Mac users, it’s All Mac All The Time over there. And like iTunes, the Windows version of the application is buggy, neglected, and left to rot on the vine. You wouldn’t know this from their website, which proclaims the future reign of Scrivener 3 for windows as the second coming of, well, Scrivener.

Make That Five

Over A Quarter!

Four Out of Twelve

Sad face: A quarter of the way to my writing goal I just started.

Here Comes A New Rejection!

Another Rejection.

Keep Submitting Stories

Another Rejection.

On Time Research

Amazing what a time crunch can do.


Why not have another tool in the box, an trick arrow in the quiver?

Finding The Time

Ritual is nice and all, but it pays to be flexible.