The cloud and I have a love/hate relationship

Writing Begets Writing

In sitting down this week to write a Space Opera-y short story, I started generating a lot more non-fiction than fiction.

On Scifi Glossaries

A list of terms I’ve swiped from various science fiction and other sources, and use unashamedly.

On Looking to the Past

This has nearly nothing to do with writing, but it’s still work!

On Looking to the Past

My heart belongs to rockets and starships and thousands of worlds and tramp freighters and mighty fleets.


Son of a bitch; just keep writing!

Heinlein’s Rules

Heinlein’s Rules: easy to read, difficult to follow.

Into The Dark

Did I mention I hate outlining?

Press Select

Select was a weird button on the NES controller.

Rituals Through Rejection

Writing. Publishing. Doing it all over again, one step after another. Refining my craft through practice and ritual.